Saturday, September 27, 2014


Urgent report of Missionary Athing Shimray

Dear Supporter!

Greetings to you from the Asian Orphan/Charity Home, North East India! We all are doing well by the grace of God. Praise the Lord.

In Assam four/five day and night are very heavy rainfall, so most of the places are flooded, among of the places our missionaries and church planters are living in those areas so, their homes were damage/destroyed by flood, so they have no homes to lives now and no place to cooks foods, they are tired. The Assam Government announces all the school and institution had closed until the flood. So we also closed our children school from yesterday.

The India Government is giving reliefs funds in the poor flood areas. But unbelievers societies are neglecting to distribute flood reliefs funds to Christian peoples, it is sad to say, It is our prayer that God wills helps and supplies their needs.

I, on behalf of the followers of Christ, please pray for the flood areas because they are in need of the helps, they have no rice/foods to eats, and they needs to repair their home/huts, it is very urgent. The new believers which were kick out from the societies and families are in a very helpless condition, because the government/societies /families are not helping and taking care of them after the taken water Baptism, so your prayer supports are badly needed. The new believers peoples are tired and facing difficulties in their day today life, your prayer supports will help and that will be very bless them and bless you too. The people were died and getting sick but by the grace of God the believers are not die.

Are you willing to help?  
Please contact to or, Dr. Jim Starr Director.

Our Orphan/Charity home are also cover by flood, the water 3fts deep in compound and the dining hall/kitchen three and half fts deeps, so we are cooking foods in our beds room verandah, thank God and your helps and thank God to protect all the problem.

Coming Sunday we’ll have a very new 5 people are ready to take water Baptism, so, I am going to give this water Baptism in their village, 280 km far from our school, Please pray for me because that village are persecution areas, many times the Hindu peoples were given persecution to missionary and beaten up to many pastors.

The pastors are afraid to go there to give water Baptism. But our church planters are working there and found a lost soul, so they inviting me to come and to give water Baptism, so I should go there and do what God want me to do. Please pray with me.

Last year we had built a church by Bamboo but the unbelievers were destroyed last months of March this year. They have 30/35 church members and worshiping together in pastor home in a Lord Day, we had (BSE) trained him as pastor last 2011 and given him graduation with ordain pastor in 2011 month of November. Thank God for his faithful works and thanks for your faithful prayer supports.

Still my is health weak, according to my health I suppose to not go there but according to spiritual needs and God wish me to go and make disciples. So I needed your prayer supports.

Thanking you all your faithful supports, through all your supports we all are very bless. Please continue to pray for us.

In His Service

Athing & Marvirose Shimray